Ceramotec specialises in high precision components ranging in size from 1.6 grams up to 200grams (+/- 60 cubic centimetres)   Ceramotec has a wide range of equipment including:

  1. Furnaces x3 (up to 1300 deg c 1600 deg c & 1800 deg c) With chamber sizes of 10 litres 5 litres and 5 litres
  2. Grinders x3 universal (internal & external) up to 120mm swing & 1200mm between centres. 2x surface grinders up to 300mm width & 600mm long.
  3. Lathe with swing of 150mm & 600mm between Centres.
  4. Milling Machine. X-axis 300mm Y-axis 150mm & Z-axis 300mm.
  5. Presses x2 Enerpack 60 ton hand press & 160-ton semi auto Reba press.
  6. Precision measuring equipment. Ceramotec forms blanks and near net shape components by uniaxial pressing and then green machining(if required), sintering and final grinding.