Paul from Radiant Element first contacted me on the 4th of May. Paul required a ceramic cap that fitted over the end of a quartz tube containing a wire element for heating. He supplied me with a drawing of the component and from that drawing I designed and manufactured tooling for the REBA press. I made a sample batch for Paul’s approval on the 4th of June and delivered 300 on the 10th of June.

Colin (from Aldgate Concrete Pumps) had severe wear with the nozzles that he used to spray concrete. After approximately 1 week the concrete would blow through the outer wall of the nozzle. The wear occurred just in front of the air hole, my solution was to insert 92% alumina bushes into the air holes creating a wear pad just in front of the hole. Colin informed me that after one week of spraying he striped the nozzle for inspection and found no visible wear on the nozzle.